Haven’t heard anything about eelo yet? Well, eelo is going to be an open source mobile OS but this OS is an alternative of other existing mobile operating systems like Android.  This operating system is going to be a desirable as well as privacy enabled open source mobile operating system which will associated to web services.
Let’s check out some interesting facts about eelo:

This open source mobile OS is named as eelo and it is going to be developed on the basis of LineageOS. Though, LinegeOS is one type of custom version of Android but this is going to be used to develop eelo.
A completely new launched, named as BlissLauncher is exclusively created for eelo.

The eelo-compatible web-services are developing to proving eelo a complete support. Several web services such as cloud storage, search, and recovery integration are also included.

It will provide an alternative OS along with effective associated web-services and online office tools in order to offer better data privacy.

It can be said that eelo is a custom open source OS which the users of Android can use as an alternative
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