Jewelry is the accessory which is loved most by women. Jewelry designing is an art and also the profession which includes the designing and then creating the jewelry pieces. It is the art which has changed a lot in the past few years. It has seen the transformation from the beadwork in the ancient times to the gem cutter sophisticated jewelry of the modern times.

Computers for designing

It is definitely true that the computers have brought a lot of change in all the industry. It can also be seen in the jewelry industry. The technology used in the jewelry designs is known as CAD. The CAD jewelry designing can never replace the need of the jeweler. The jeweler can solder, polish and all that can’t be replaced by the technology. This technique is useful in explaining the designs in perfect manner to the customers. For example, if a client ordered some pieces of jewelry then it can be well expressed in the CAD drawing form.

The 3D jewelry designing is also popular. Then three dimension parts is included into the plaster and that will be placed in furnace so that it can easily incinerate model. The negative impression will be filled with the molten gold and the platinum or the portion of vacuum casting can be used. Once the designs are approved then they are moved for the real production and adjustments. In order to design the jewelry deigns with CAD you need to take up the professional course.

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