Gaming development Services apps provide the functionality that allows users to sign-in directly with different social networks such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. This app has already developed a suite of game development services to allow game developers to effortlessly separate social gaming features in games. Android gamers are not limited to play solo games. They can play in concert with other users. The Android mobile application development service can share their scores and achievements on social platforms and compete with their friends and other gamers.

The Android Game Development Process

The quality of every mobile game application development depends on the tools and techniques used to create it and, most importantly, the development process used to develop it. When it comes to our game development process,  they strictly follow the industry’s best practices to successfully develop and launch their clients’ game apps. This game development process includes the following phases: 

  • Project Estimation

The game development process starts with the project’s estimation. This is prepared based on the game specification received by the client. These services Developer move on to the Requirement Analysis phase once they get the approved estimate from the client.

  • Requirement Analysis

The project leader conducts a detailed analysis of the features to be incorporated into the game as per the client’s requirement and allocates resources to accomplish specific tasks. The mobile game designer prepares a game script or storyboard based on the Software requirement specifications given by the customer. 

  • Game Design

The game app starts in parallel with the project’s concept of art. The  IOS mobile application development and gameplay mechanic development are done in this phase as well. These documents are then submitted for review by the client. The game design document is also prepared simultaneously based on the UI flow and required game mechanics.

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