Jewelry CAD software

The image of the traditional jewelry designer with their charcoal and paints endures and cleverly conceals the technological advances made in 3D software. Beyond the obvious time saving provided by CAD (creation time and style changes, communication possibilities without having made the part), it’s the access to technically unattainable creative possibilities without 3D including 3D Read more about Jewelry CAD software[…]


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3 Design CAD Jewelry Design Software

Easy to Learn, Easy to Master “3Design thinks like a jeweler” Thanks to its visually rendered interface, jewelers feel at ease while using 3Design. You do not need to be an engineer or IT specialist to be using this software. All you need is a vison, perseverance and an idea of how jewelry is put Read more about 3 Design CAD Jewelry Design Software[…]

What is Wix ?

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C# Language Trend in 2018

Watch now Top 10 Programming Languages. The videos gives detailed info and understanding that will help you to choose the best programming language‘s. Top 10 languages: 1. C# 2. Java 3. PHP 4. C & C++ 5. Kotlin 6. Python 7. Go 8. Swift 9. SQL 10. Rust For more information about C# top language trend 2018, computer languages, programming languages, top programming languages, JavaScript, Python, Go, Kotlin, Swift, Read more about C# Language Trend in 2018[…]