A course is a path of study that can lead to further studies or can be a one-time event that gives people an introduction to a particular field or subject. Most colleges and universities offer an array of courses to help students continue their education or learn a new skill.

What is a course in jewelry design? This creative course is more than just learning how to make jewelry. This course offers insight into the methods of jewelry making, such as handmade versus computer-aided designs, and the materials used to create one-of-a-kind or mass-marketable pieces. Students will learn about different beads, gemstones and metals; fabrication techniques; and the historic artistry of the craft. Some courses go beyond jewelry and teach students the art of metalworking. Depending on the course, students will also learn business aspects of the field.

Learning about making jewelry goes beyond unleashing creativity. Students gain knowledge in metallurgy, the study of metals, and gemology, the study of gems. Additionally, an understanding of soldering and ability to draft designs can be beneficial in other facets of life.

Prices will vary, since courses can be individual classes, possibly lasting one day to several months, or long-term studies. The course will also have varying costs at different schools.

The ability to understand and create jewelry can benefit different career paths. While some students may use their skills to become a jewelry designer and sell their wares, others apply their knowledge as a buyer for other businesses. Students who further study this field have the option to become a jeweler or possibly a subject matter expert that can be called upon by museums and other historians. Computer-aided design talents learned in these courses could also lead to careers outside of jewelry making such as a computer-aided design technician.

Jewelry design courses can be found online and at local colleges or universities. Materials needed for the course are often part of the course fees, but it’s best to research the courses beforehand. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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