Before you start a video surveillance project by yourself, whether it is a wireless security camera or a PoE IP camera, there’re several things you need to prepare and plan ahead.

NO.1. Know exactly what types of home CCTV you’d like to set up. Installation process varies according to different video surveillance cameras and systems.

Wired vs. wireless security camera, which one to choose? It depends on your specific security needs. Get WiFi security cameras, especially battery powered cameras, for flexibility and easier installation, while going for wired PoE IP cameras for more stable network signals.

The battery-powered security camera is definitely your best choice, if you’d like to get rid of messy cabling and drilling, especially when installing cameras outside an apartment door/window (the outside is brick). “100% wire-free” means no cords, and no wiring needed from top to bottom. You can feel free to place it anywhere, indoor and outdoor, on a shelf, table or mount it on the wall without running wires.
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NO.2. Decide where to install indoor & outdoor security cameras. Knowing where to place your home security cameras determines whether you can maximize the effectiveness of your camera. Front door, back door and off-street window are the best locations and positions suggested by security experts.

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